Appreciating and savoring the blessings of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay. Visit us at Sushi Yamashichi, located in "Kanbara-juku" along Tokaido!


Fresh live sakura shrimp *only when available

Houseki Don (Gem Bowl)


Introduced in the TV program “Shokusai no Okoku” on May 9th.

Live sakura shrimp for 1 person

From 500 yen

Offered for a limited time only during the sakura shrimp fishing season.


Shizuoka Sushi

3,000 yen

Part of Shizuoka Sushi Association’s unified menu. All-time popular!

Nigiri (hand-formed)/ Chirashi (Bowl of rice topped with raw fish) Sushi

From1,500 yen

Traditional Edomae sushi loved by locals for a long time

Sakura shrimp dishes

Sakura shrimp Okiagari

1,000 yen

Said to be a meal that fishermen used to eat to warm their bodies after coming out offshore from a long sakura shrimp fishing in the morning (Okiagari).

Momokuroage Don

1,200 yen

Rice bowl topped with Fried “sakura shrimps” and “senhadaka sardines”. Senhadaka is delicious and rare, deep-sea fish usually caught together with sakura shrimps.

Kakiage Don

1,500 yen –

The best way to enjoy sakura shrimps, kakiage (tempura)! Now offered for 1,500 yen.

Sakura shrimp kakiage (tempura)

800 yen -

Food for Muslims

Nigiri Sushi

Tuna and flatfish sushi using Halal certified vinegar and soy sauce

Halal arrangement

1,000 yen -

Most of the menu can be arranged for Halal.

Shizumae fish

Shizumae Don

1,800 yen

In Shizuoka, the coastal area stretching from Kanbara in Shimizu-ku to Ishibe in Suruga-ku is called “Shizumae”, while the mountain area is called “Okushizu”. Please savor the fishes of Shizumae, along with sakura shrimps and whitebait topped on rice in a bowl.

Suruga Bay / Yui Port / Shizumae

Suruga Tricolor Don

1,800 yen

Popular rice bowl with sakura shrimps, whitebait from Suruga Bay, and tuna from Shimizu Port

2nd floor / Banquet

Banquet cuisine

From 3,000 yen -

For family or friends gatherings and corporate parties.
We look forward to your reservation. (Chair space)


Tuna Kohaku Don

1,200 yen

Shimizu is famous for Tuna. Try our Kohaku (red and white) bowl featuring tuna and whitebait.