Appreciating and savoring the blessings of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay. Visit us at Sushi Yamashichi, located in "Kanbara-juku" along Tokaido!


“Muslim” Halal

We have prepared prayer mats using kimono sashes, foot-washing rooms, and Halal meals for Muslim customers. We also provide maps of Maps showing facilities with Muslim prayer room. Please make full use of it to enjoy your stay in Shizuoka.

Halal meals

We use Halal certified vinegar and offer various dishes including tuna and flatfish sushi. Most of the menu can be arranged for Halal. Please feel free to ask.

Washrooms for foot-washing.

You are welcome to use our renovated washrooms for foot-washing.

Prayer mat

We have prepared prayer mats made with kimono sashes.