Appreciating and savoring the blessings of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay. Visit us at Sushi Yamashichi, located in "Kanbara-juku" along Tokaido!

At Sushi Yamashichi, we serve local cuisine featuring sushi, sakura shrimps and specialties of our home Kanbara, famous for Mount Fuji and sun-dried sakura shrimps, while selling Kanbara “Sardine Curry” which uses one of the specialties of the area, “sardine flakes”. Fresh sakura shrimps, whitebait, and other fish from Suruga Bay (bluefish, ribbonfish, flatfish, red snapper, grunt, etc.) can be enjoyed on our “Shizumae Don (rice bowl)” Please have an exquisite culinary experience at “Yamashichi”.

We only and constantly serve sakura shrimps from Suruga Bay. Please enjoy the authentic ingredient and flavor.

We have prepared prayer mats using kimono sashes, foot-washing rooms, and Halal meals for Muslim customers.

Using traditional Japanese Kimono sashes, or Obi, “FUJIOBI” connects people and bonds hearts together with the “FUJIOBI Series” products, created with the spirit of omotenashi hospitality. May we be connected with people around the world! Please check out our online shop for mats and tumblers made with Obi.